Saturday, June 13, 2009

Oh what a week....

Can't believe it is Saturday again!! Since I turned 60 time just seems to be flying by(ok, I know it's only been a week) seems days turn into seconds as they zip by me! Would I trade my fast paced older years for that of a younger person...Nope....had enough fun doing it the first time!
I would tell you all about the time spent with Miss G and Al, but it seems some of you have gotten the inside scoop and have used those RR photos to perfection! (Miss Scarlett you are probably in trouble with Miss G, but your pages were awesome!!!, and if you need a place to hide the cave is available)
I will say one thing about our Miss Gerri...what you see is what you get...she is real! By that I mean no pretending, no trying to impress anyone. The genuine thing. So if you are ever lucky enough to meet this lady in person, be prepared to smile!!! ( also have an umbrella handy, she tends to bring rain with her)
Hubbies fields are growing(at least the onions) he went and got another 4 cucumber plants yesterday, ya know one can never have enough pickles!!! Oh when harvest time comes he will be one busy Farmer Brown. Notice I said HE! LOL
Have to cut the ramblings short today, have a load of laundry to redo. Hung some clothes on the line yesterday and when I went to take it in, I noticed little bits of what looked like stuff from the trees on them.....wrong....the stuff moved!!! Tiny little buggy things on my clothes. Ok so I can shake them off my stuff right?? no they were so small and for some reason I was not liking the idea of missing any and having them go in places I did not want them going.
I am sure I will be making some memories, if not today, then Sunday. We are meeting everyone for supper to celebrate Sam the Man's birthday(it was the 3rd, but this is the first time his other Grandma could make it up here) You all go make some memories too! Smile at them and then put them away to view again when your heart needs a smile.
As always ladies "Fill it to the Brim" You will not believe the wonders you will find in the overflow!!!!
Hugs to you all!!! Take care!!!!

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