Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ok OK I know it's Saturday.....

Funny thing happened on the way to Ramble!!!! I got stuck behind a slow moving truck filled with some type of spy ware/Mal ware ...who knows what!!! Anyway, I have been working on this wonderful problem off and on since about 9 this morning. Ok you do not want to hear the ramblings that have been being said and thought today at my house. Nope...want to keep you all thinking I am that sweet little thing from the northwoods. So until I can get this fixed, ramblings are postponed. I will keep working on it but in the mean time Boy am I making some memories!!!! LOL
Hope the ones you are all making are the smiley kind! " Fill it to the Brim" ladies and don't let the little things stop you from enjoying what is really important!!! Hugs to you I am going to make my way back into Mal world/spy world oh whatever world my computer is in!!
Love and hugs to you all!!!!

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