Monday, May 11, 2009

I promise I have one more to do of Sam the Man and then I will put the mouse down!!

Yup, this is very bestest Bub! I caught him in a rare smile LOL, he didn't think I had the camera turned on..silly boy..Grandma always has the camera turned on! He is growing up way to fast, he will be 11 in December and that is so hard for me to think. A big kid, not our little Zacaroni. But ya know what, when he comes to stay at our house for the weekend, he doesn't go to bed without me tucking him in or holding his hand for a few minutes(that's something we started when he was just a baby, the holding hand thing, he hasn't forgotten and that makes me smile) I love you Zacko, to the moon and back so many times!!!

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