Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy Saturday afternoon....

I know...where was I earlier right??!! I was watching Miss KBB so Carin could work on my computer printing out wedding invitations on vellum. Her printer wouldn't let her do it. So Carin, Zack, Garrett and Miss KBB came for a visit. Papa took the two boys fishing(no fish) and me and Beira watched Yo Gabba Gabba (you have to be 2 or know a 2 year old to know who that is) we also played with the puppies and one of us decided to use the water in the dogs dish to wash our face!!! wasn't me!!! Yes Carol you are right her Halo is tilted just a bit LOL
Internet is back for now, hope it stays but oh well, when you live surrounded by trees the signal from the main tower is sometimes iffy!!! Thing I might be having Hubby do some tree branch trimming one of these days.
The weather here has turned really nice today, breezy but beautiful, love this part of summer, not to hot yet....I don't do Hot by the way...of course I also don't do cold...hmmm note to self ...find a place where the weather is "Perfect" all the time.
Well Ladies, kind of a quiet day so far, not much happening. Days like that are so welcome once in awhile.
Already made memories this morning with the visitors we had, hope you get to make some to, it is such fun and takes no effort whatsoever!!
As always "Fill it to the Brim" then find a nice quiet spot and simply enjoy all there is!
Hugs to you all

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