Saturday, May 16, 2009

Good Saturday morning everyone.....

My goodness, it has been one of those weeks where I get up in the morning and for just a second I am not sure what day it is. Not that I have been super busy doing all sorts of exciting things (I suppose I could make some stuff up, you know like I was practicing for a marathon race, or that I had been picked to show my famous cookie recipe on the Food Network) but no just everyday ordinary life!! The kind we all have. Good things, bad things and all the in between things.
Hubby was cutting the grass on Thursday afternoon and came in to tell me the Hummingbirds and the Orioles were back. That goes on the list of good things. Last year we had one Oriole that was here for a day, this year there were 5 waiting in the trees for the snacks I would be putting out. The Hummers are such fast little buggers Wow!! Love sitting in my office and watching them at the feeder, another thing for the list of good things.
I am talking about lists, hhmm, confession time...when I was younger(ok even when I was older) I would make a list of things I wanted, You know those mailorder catalogs, well I would fill out the order form with all the neat stuff I wanted, never sent the order in, but it was fun just wishing. Now I am older, do I still have "wish lists"??? you bet I do, only it doesn't include a new doll, or rugs for the it includes wishes for people in my life. We have a friend who is so closed off from the concern for others, you know the type, they are the most important, they have the only problems in the whole world, a very "ME" important person. He is our friend, I love him dearly but sometimes I just want to grab him and shake him. How can anyone go thru life not caring about others. I do not live in a cave (ok maybe that one time when Gerri and I were hiding from Miss Carol) I have friends and family around me that have things happening that are hurting them and because they are a part of my life, I hurt with them. I may not be able to change the hurt, but I can let them know that I care.That they are on my "list"
(yes, if your wondering, I still have the urge to fill out the catalog orderform and not send it in)
So ladies know that you are all on my list of wishes.
Ok long rambled post, that I am not sure made any sense!!! Have stuff to do today, maybe even going to find some time to make a few memories!! You do the same!!! It is so important!!
As always "Fill it to the Brim" enjoy every single bit, then sit back and watch what happens!!!
Hugs and love to you all

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