Saturday, April 4, 2009

Thought I would share with you all

The final step is bringing the syrup in and filling the jars. We have to do that inside so that the jars are kept very hot. Broken glass is not something you want. This is our good friend Lee supervising Dennis. And yup that's my kitchen and yup it tends to get sticky!!!
My job in all of this is very important...I am the taster! I know tough job but someone has to endure the pain. This is our 3rd batch and I have to say I think the sweetest!. We have a total of 126 qts of syrup (that is from last year and this) You would think we would never have to go through all this again right? Wrong!!! Conversation went like this.......
Loving wife-" Honey, we have more than enuf syrup, guess we wont have to do this for awhile"
Dear hubby-" Oh, I already have been thinking of what I can do next year to make it easier"
Wife-" I have my own ideas on how to make it easier, ever heard of Log Cabin ?"
Hubby laughed...he thought I was kidding! " It won't be much longer with the syrup, we have to get it done so we can start getting the field (garden) ready and then don't forget the chickens come right after that"
Ladies I married a city guy, I did not know he had these secret tendencies toward all this. Hint to engaged a really good background check on future mate!!
Well, I best go start my day, have a sticky kitchen floor to clean and some pages to scrap, will be looking over some wonderful memories that were made. You all go make some to! They are important and you never know just where they will come from.
As always "Fill it to the Brim" then put your feet up and enjoy what happens!!
Hugs to you all!!!

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