Saturday, April 11, 2009

Need sunglasses today...woohoo.....

Oh my goodness, the sun has been shining two days in a row...the snow in our yard is down to three small drifts!!! Oh yes is good!!!!! There have been times this year when I really believed winter had come to set up permanent residence in my yard! We had 11 of the 12 named snowstorms this year, that, in my opinion is 10 to many. Weatherman has been talking about warmer weather, hasn't mentioned snow lately (wonder if it's because I threatened him with duck tape)
Dear hubby is doing the last of the syrup later today. The sap has turned cloudy and that means it's about done. Am I saddened by this.....NOPE!!!
Loving wife- "well that's it for another year honey"
Dear hubby- "yup, time to pull the taps"
Loving wife(thinking of finally free time to do fun stuff)- " Maybe we could get away for a few days, go visit family or..."
hubby(interrupting Loving wife)- "oh, no time. have to get the fields (our small garden area)plowed. Won't be long and we have to start planting"
Wife, now thinking of ways to convince hubby that bought vegies are so much better for you!!!
Oh well, life is good, like I said the sun is shining and Sunday we will see the kids and Grandkids, camera time yup!!
Well, I best start my day, I have been putting off little things, like cleaning and laundry, guess if I want something to wear on Sunday I best do some washing!! Cleaning, well, I am thinking that the ability to leave notes written in the dust on table tops is not really a good thing!! LOL(saves time looking for a pencil or piece of paper tho)
Its a beautiful day ladies...go make some memories...even if its not so beautiful...the memories are still there!
As always "Fill it to the Brim" then close your eyes and smile!!!
Hugs to you all

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