Saturday, April 25, 2009

Later than usual...but here I am...

Had some lingering storms this morning, could only get in for a few minutes at a time. Ah yes Springtime!!! Ya know I was so over winter, so ready for the snow to be gone and a new season to start....well....Fantasy vs Reality moment here....
Fantasy- beautiful sunshine filled days....Reality- thunderstorms in the middle of the night
Fantasy- green grass starting to show...Reality- Mud
Fantasy- birds chirping so lovely....Reality- large sandhill cranes making such a racket flying by
Fantasy- days getting warmer...Reality-warmer weather means Bees, wasps and my all time favorite "wood ticky ticks"
Ah yes Springtime!!! I am going to start a petition I say we go from winter to Fall..oh why not beautiful fall all year long. Ok truth be known, I do like spring, having the windows open and the breeze blowing in, yup I love it. I watched Keira, Zack and Sam running in the yard and playing and yup this is a good time of year. Just wish it didn't come with all that extra stuff.
Well, I have started my day, oh many hours ago, filled it with some memories. , hope you all have too!
As always Ladies "Fill it to the Brim" take the bit that overflows and tuck it away somewhere safe until the next time you need a smile.
Hugs and Love my friends, take care...always

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