Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Kiddo

Patti would have been 57 today. I would have kidded her oh my goodness so much!! I have done pages of her that showed her beautiful side....this is part of the real Patti!!! Oh yes we have a thing about bread in my family...We love it!!! This is Patti doing what she did best, making people smile!! The song is the new one by Alan Jackson, it's funny, my sister Susi calls us "Sissy" all the time. Thanks for peeking in. Hugs to you all
credits- "26 Avril 1977" kit by Ptitesouris

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Susan said...

Yes, it's me....Susi, the one that calls you and Bonnie and Patti...SISSY. I have cried so hard today that the tears have stained my face forever. I would give my entire life to have Sissy Patti back. God knows that. Why did he take her, we are so lost inside and so empty without her. I know she's with Daddy and Wayne and is looking down at us saying "Don't Worry About Me"...but I do, because I miss her so very, very, very much. I know you have some wonderful friends, Linda. You're very lucky...we will always have Sissy Patti. Love you. Susi