Saturday, April 18, 2009

Did you know Saturdays can start at 5:30am??

I do!!! We watched Sam the Man last night (he is still here) he is coming down with a bit of a cold and the meds I gave him last night only lasted till 5:30 this morning. Then he was up feeling miserable, not wanting to go back to sleep but tired is Grandma...had some juice, walked around feeling grumpy (me and Sam) finally decided it was time for a morning nap..(me and Sam, only thing is he is taking the nap, I am in here and then straightening the house have the next wave of grandchildren coming later. Yup Keira and Zack are coming to spend the night. I know...what was I thinking...I apparently wasn't! Love my grandchildren to the Moon but I do need a one day break in between I am thinking!!! Where is dear hubby you ask....outside working on some yard work. He slept in till 8!!!! He is bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning!!! Me ..eyes are slits and tail is hanging low!
Been an interesting week. Did you know that when you buy a program from adobe(pse7) and it goes wacky on you, they will send you a replacement CD.........for $20!! Excuse me I already pawned my first born to buy it in the first place! I spent time on Thursday debating that issue with adobe customer service, they are not to flexible. We will see what happens.
Well, sorry for the somewhat boring ramblings, I am still tired and thinking maybe a shower will help, so off to do that and then start my day. Have a real good feeling about memories being made here today. I hope you get to make some too, treasure them, each one only happens once.
As always Ladies "Fill it to the Brim" don't worry about what spills over, it's usually the best part!! Hugs to you all

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