Monday, March 16, 2009

Zack you did so good...

We were going to have both Miss KBB and Zack for the weekend..ended up just being Zack, which was great. Love spending time with my Best Bub. This weekend he spent more time with Papa tho. He wanted to do "Manly" stuff, and he did! We are just starting our maple syrup for this year which means cutting wood for the fire, and gathering the sap (do you know it takes 40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of syrup) sap starts out clear and the more you boil it the darker and thicker it gets. (the smell from our yard when this really starts cooking is awesome) anyway, Zack pitched right in, he helped Papa with the log splitter(no he is not running it on his own) and stacking the wood. Later he helped gather the sap. Those are 5 gallon buckets he is carrying(not lite) !! The sap will run for a few more weeks and Zack has already said he will come back and help again next weekend. I have to tell you I am oh so proud of Mr. Zack. He sometimes comes here and spends time watching movies or playing on the computer, but not this time. Like I said he spent time outside helping Papa and he had fun. I love you Zacko, to the moon and back a gazillion times. So this is how we spent the weekend, by Sunday night we were tired. I went to bed way early and from what Carin did Zack!!!

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