Saturday, March 28, 2009

Oh my Saturday is almost over...we been busy...

today was spent doing our second batch of maple syrup, and watching Sam the Man. It was a day filled to the Brim!!! Sam was really good, had only two melt downs, but he was tired, all that vacuuming ya know!! He loves that thing, of course Zack used to be the same way. My Grandsons, my helpers. We now have enough syrup to last till oh probably till the next decade! We have I think 110 quarts. Way more than we need but it makes Dear Hubby happy to be doing this and it is sooo good. For those who have never tasted real maple syrup...if you get a chance go for it!!

This week has been hectic, working on my wordart, (but that I consider fun) and I also learned how to design a blinkie woohoo!! With the help of Carol(our wonderful Blog Fairy) we even managed to get then working and on the blogs! Carol had been in Maui and has some wonderful photos on her blog. I also found out a few things this week...I now know that Mat knows how to hogtie people and she also knows cowboys with full pockets( hmm wonder what that means). I learned that our sweet southern belle Miss Scarlett might not be so sweet, she mentioned something about going redneck on certain people! Oh my I wonder who??!! Oh and Miss Gerri and I learned that hiding in a cave does not work when you stick your head out(Zoom lens ya know). I think I learned(what I really already knew) that I have been blessed with some very dear, wonderful, funny and caring friends, who I would not trade for the world. So to all of them One great big group HUG!!

Well Saturday is almost over and I hope you all went out and made some memories, the simplest things, things that someday will make you smile! As always Ladies..Fill it to the Brim, enjoy every drop, they are all important, they are our lives! Hugs to you all Take care

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