Saturday, March 21, 2009

Life.. just when you think you have it figured out...

I know that on Saturday mornings ya all come in here to read bits of humor from my past week. I look forward to writing it too, takes my mind off things that are not so humorous. This week i am having a hard time doing that. If you came here to laugh, you might be disappointed.
Things are happening to people around me that make my heart cry. Friends I have known for over 30 years , who put their lives on hold to move in and care for a parent are now being forced to move from that home because that parent passed away and the other siblings want the house sold for money! Where are they supposed to go and what about all the years they gave?
The girl who's husband went in for surgery on the vertebrae in his neck and passed away 5 minutes after the surgery started, leaving her in complete shock (Carin flew to Louisville on Friday to be with her). My best friend who's Mom is in the hospital and they don't know why she is so sick. My son who has been layed off and has no idea how to provide even the necessary things for his family. My daughter who is dealing with kids with attitude and husbands who are not so helpful.
A dear friend( and I can call her that even tho we have never met) has had to deal with the loss of both parents. Another dear friend (same thing never met in person, but know her by heart) is now facing the most scary time in her life.
So you see, real things happen in our lives, or to the people we care about, things that are not funny, things that make our hearts ache.
Don't get me wrong, there are blessings in my life that I am so grateful family, my beautiful Grandchildren and my most wonderful friends. I do not dwell on the bad things, I tend to always keep the blessings I have on's just that somedays that isn't so easy to do. I guess today is one of those days. This is not a "pity party" post. We all have things in our lives we wish were not happening, I don't have the market cornered on that. I guess I wrote this today to let these things come to the top, to air them out , to deal with them and then put them where they God's hands.
So when I tell you to go out and make some is important, those memories, those little bits of good help us deal with the not so good.
As always "Fill it to the Brim" and may the Blessings that you find make your heart smile.
Hugs ladies...always

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