Sunday, March 8, 2009

Aloha Miss Doodle.....

Yup Miss Doodle is taking a well deserved vacation!! I have a feeling Maui will never be the same! Have a great time Carol, wave when the plane flies over my house (hard to miss, it be the one with all the snow). Yup relax have fun, don't worry about a thing, you have left very competent people in charge (hehehehehe) Oh did I tell you Carol that the roving reporter is going on vacation too, hmmm, I cant remember where that reporter was going...oh well..hope you both have fun!! Love ya and will miss you bunches!!!
credits- various photos from the web

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nancy said...

I love the layout. Very nice. The pictures looks so real that you can feel yourself being there. Thanks for sharing and have a great week.Nancy