Saturday, February 21, 2009

That noise you just heard was me screaming!!!

Got up this morning and looked outside..we had been told we could get a little bit of snow...maybe 1-2 inches. There was just a light amount coming down as I made my way to the coffee pot (I got up first, I get to make it mild enough that I can have more than one cup. Hubby makes it so Strong that it pours itself in the cup while doing back flips) by the time I had the coffee started...that light amount had become "Big flippin flakes the size of boulders" coming down!! Oh Joy...more snow! If it keeps up at this rate, Dear Hubby will be getting the 4wheeler out to plow the driveway again...Wish I could post a video of that..hehehe..he looks like a kid having a ball..till he gets stuck that is. Hubby is a bit of a perfectionist and if good enough is Good enough...alittle more is Better. So far this year he has had to hook the chain up between the 4wheeler and my van a few times. He always manages to get stuck close to the clothes line post, why he plows there I'm not sure(I do not hang the wash out in the winter) there is a bit of a slope right there and he seems to enjoy sliding sideways down out comes the chain and me to try and pull him out without hitting that post! We have had a few quiet days due to what Hubby calls "My inability to follow directions" Hey, it gives me more time for important things like the computer!
Speaking of which, Thank you Carol for the great fonts, I have been busy working on some stuff and will send you some samples.
Today Dear Hubby is painting the bathroom off our bedroom...I should say "again painting" he has been working on it for two days. It is not that big of a room. But I have a feeling it's the "Perfectionist" thing again. I asked if there was anything I could do to you can see I am on the computer...he is in the bathroom. He told me no, you can help by staying out of I was looking at him I tried to look I walked away I smiled!
Well Ladies, I am off to start my day. I do have some stuff to take care of, laundry, cleaning, fonts to download, Memories to make. Hope you all have a good day, find somethings that make you smile.
As always "Fill it to the Brim" check it over carefully and enjoy that which makes your heart laugh! It's a good thing!
Hugs to you all!

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