Saturday, February 28, 2009

My heels are cold......

Bet that got your attention!!! LOL You all know I can't make cookies (total brain malfunction in that area) well you can all add another thing to the list...I can't "Darn" you know what "Darning" is right? I mean I can make canned veggies from the garden, make great apple pies, I cook a great beef roast, I can even pluck a chicken....but I have now added "lack of darning ability" to my list of non-functions!! It's not that I was never shown how to do it, but in my Junior year of high school I had this teacher(she retired and Miss Hankey who I loved took over) well she tried teaching us "darning" You know with the wooden eggs and all. My brain just got up and walked out of the classroom. So I never really grasped the idea! So now here I sit(more years than I will admit to) not knowing how to darn! Wouldn't really bother me but I tend to not wear shoes much around the house, I have these things "sock slippers" that I wear and every single pair has a hole in the heel. My toes stay warm but my heels...nope!! My Mom-law had given me some beautiful old wooden Darning eggs that had belonged to her Mother, they are being used as decoration on the ledge above my kitchen cabinets.!!
To Gerri and Carol, sorry no sliding down the hill on the 4wheeler pictures...we got to much snow for hubby to tackle, so we had someone else with a BIG plow come over.
Well ladies, best start my day, have cleaning to do as we are leaving to go out of town to a funeral either Sunday afternoon or Monday morning. Take some time today to make some memories, you never really know when they might come in handy!
As always "Fill it to the Brim" then take a few minutes to just sit back and enjoy what happens..oh it will be well worth it!
Hugs to you all!!!

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