Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I was hoping..I had my fingers crossed...I was dreaming..

All to no avail!!! Remember I said we had a weather man with a strange sense of humor...he named our snowstorms...he had a list of 12 and I figured we had pretty much come to an end with #8.....oh no...."Ian" is on the way(that makes #9 for the season) in fact if I look out my front window Ian is in my front yard, all gazillion fluffy flakes of him!!! We are officially under a "36" hour winter weather advisory...People that is 36....not 3 not 6 but 36!!!!
Oh I am so looking forward to spring, just when I was getting used to looking at dirty snow (you all know the kind) it is being covered as I type with nice white fluffy flakes! Guess we are in the 6+ inches area. oh Joy! Carol got an extra suitcase I could use on that upcoming trip of yours??
Take care all, stay warm!

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