Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Cupid's Day everyone.....

Yup, it's that day of the year again...Hearts, flowers, candy....aahhh Romance!!!
A little bit of insight on this wonderful day...age by age....
5 (kindergarten)- all those wonderful little valentines(your not old enough to read the big words but the pictures are pretty and you get one from everyone in the class) And you wear your prettiest red dress.
6 to 11 (grade school) the pictures are still pretty but now you can read and you wonder why Johnny sent you the dumb one with robots on it, you thought he liked you! Gee, and you wore that pretty red sweater too!
12 to 18 (high school) no more classroom cards. Now if you get a card your hoping its from that cute guy in Algebra class. Oh and you still wear something red!
19 to 21 (college or just working) That special someone hands you a card, oh how thoughtful, maybe even buys you lunch, and you look so pretty in that red blouse!
22 to your wedding day - This is where the real goodies start, candy, maybe even one of those big heart shaped balloons....and the big engagement ring...the Ultimate Valentines Day gift!!! The balloon matches your pretty red shoes too!!
The years go by, at the beginning there is still the occasional rose or balloon maybe even perfume...there is always a card, bought with such thoughtfulness at the card shop. You still wear something red, maybe a sweater or dress. Then....
you have been married longer than dirt and the day still wear red only now its more pinkish and it comes in the shape of an old sweatshirt or bathrobe (comfy you know) you drop hints about the cost of a dozen roses being so high and how just one rose would mean so much circle the 14Th on the wait....
Hubby comes back from running an errand that included stopping at Springside Cheese factory to buy a 2# block of Colby cheese...he hands you a bag and says "Happy Valentines Day Honey"
Oh the open the bag and find a half pound of cheese curds!!! No card, no balloons....just when your brain starts thinking of a way to commit a crime without being caught Dear Hubby says....I know how much you love these things and if I could have gotten them in a shade of red and heart shaped I would have...cus I love you ya know!!! Ok so I didn't commit any crimes, I gave him a hug and said...."I love you too"
So you see, I guess it never really is about the flowers, candy, balloons or other's about the Love. Hope you all find some Love today...a kiss from your Hubby, a hug from a child, an email from a friend just saying hi, I was thinking of you. Love comes in all shapes and sizes!
Well, I am off to start the day, Sam is coming for a visit, his Daddy and Mommy are going out for a Valentines Day lunch. I am going to go find some memories, you all do the same....when you find them keep them will be so happy you did!
As always Ladies "Fill it to the Brim" whether the aroma be chocolate and flowers or Cheese curds....savor it, and cherish it because it comes from the heart!!
Hugs to you all

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cheesecurds said...

Hey - You can't go wrong with Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese Curds!

Your husband is a keeper!