Monday, February 23, 2009

Check out the new Blinkie over there>>>>>

I got an email from Carol (angelscrapper) about would I put the blinkie on my blog...without one bit of hesitation it is up here!! Carol is now selling her Actions on Scrappin out loud. Those of you who have downloaded her kits, know that this lady can make some great looking actions!!
Those of you who know Carol, also know that she is someone who is always there with a helping hand to anyone who says help!! LOL On any given day I can find an email from her with a tutorial that "she just thought I could use" !!! She is what some of us call "Our Blog Fairy" She is also our friend...have I met her in person....nope I haven't been that lucky yet(still trying to figure a way to sneak into her Maui bound suitcases)...but I have met her heart and let me tell you it is so giving and caring. So go check out Miss Carol's won't be sorry!

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