Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ok I made it!!! I think!

Ya know if "getting out of bed" would have been on a list of options for today...I would not have checked the box next to it!
It started when I turned on my computer...I have Avg and it said it had to restart to finish my updates..hmm I thought..never had to do that before, but oh well. I clicked ok and that was it. Couldn't update, couldn't open internet...couldn't do email because it wouldn't recognise my password(which is set remember me on this computer) couldn't do anything!!! I went into safemode and could get internet but not much else! Finally managed to uninstall Avg. went back to reg mode and omg everything(except email) was back. but no virus protection! So quickly downloaded one(I am safe now LOL)
Then came the email password the way it is now 11am and i have been at this since 8am!!...Do you all know that there are programs out there for free that will help you recover a password, I do now! Guess sometimes hackers are a good thing. About my email password...I had it right every time, except for one number at the end. Big old grey moment I was having!
If I had known all of this was going to happen I would have stayed up in that Hot Air Balloon!!
It is now 1:20 pm and all is well with my computer. I have some things to take care of so will come back later with some more ramblings. In the mean time you all go make some memories( I have enough to last for awhile LOL)
Fill it to the Brim ladies and just see how good it makes you feel!
Hugs to you all

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