Saturday, December 20, 2008

It is Saturday...if only by 26 minutes...

I won't have time in the morning to do my is our Family Christmas this weekend and I am not nearly ready. I should be in bed right now but there are still odds and ends to take care of. I would say I have been busy getting things ready, but truth be told I have been finding myself taking time out from all the preparation to come on this little machine and play with a certain new program. Oh but it is so much fun!!!
Please cross fingers toes and anything else that the weather holds out for the rest of the weekend. My Sister Bonnie and her family come up from Delafield, they bring my Mom with them and its about a 3 hour drive in good weather.
We went and got our tree last weekend, found a really nice one, cut it down and had the guy wrap it for us(easy to get in the back of the van) we left it wrapped and in the garage until we had shampooed the carpet and were ready for it to come in the house....
We had really cold weather last week, freezing cold actually,...well ya know when you bring home that wrapped tree and you cut the strings how it goes pop and kind of springs open....NOT when it's been tied up sitting in a freezing garage!!! Dennis cut the strings and the thing just laid there..he tried moving a couple of the branches and they did not Pop...they Snapped!!! yup, broke those puppies right off!! We bought it in the house frozen.. it thawed in a few hours!!!
Well Ladies, I really should get some sleep, have a 20 pound ham to put in the nesco at about 8am. I also know that it will be a late night tomorrow, Bonnie and I usually stay up late and have some really good talks, and laughs and spiked eggnog, might even make a Hot Toddy!! LOL
Going to make some memories in a few hours, you all do the same...and make them count!!
As always "fill it to the brim" savour every drop and then go back for seconds!!
Love and hugs to you all, always!!

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