Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This was so nice...

My computer was down for awhile today and when it finally came back...well look what I found waiting for me. Thanks Jan (intensemagic) Now I have to list 7 things I love and send this on to 7 others. Ok here goes...

I love..
1. my family, with all their quirks and little dysfunctions, they are my family and I am blessed!

2. All my friends, be they here where I can touch them or in this computer where I can just know who and what they are by what I feel.

3.Anything Italian!!! I love Italian food.

4. Chinese food especially crab Rangoon...oh they are so good!!

5. Christmas....love it love it love it!!! I start bringing stuff out the day after Thanksgiving

6. Digiscraping...ya think!!!

7. Blogging... I love being able to share things I love with everyone I care about.

Now 7 others , lets see..

Carol she is always ready with encouragement and her little blog fairy wand to help others and her freebies are awesome...plus she is a wonderful friend

Kaylaaimee Her blog leaves me smiling, she is just a little bit of a thing but her heart appears to be the size of the moon.

Miss Gerri oh my what can I say about her. She makes me laugh just by opening her blog. She is someone who I truly consider a friend

Miss Scarlett I am so thankful for this lady and her welcoming veranda and parlor, she has the sweetest heart.

Hummie she was one of the first to come into my blog when I started, she made me feel welcome in BlogLand. Her tutorials are wonderful!!

Elisa such a talented and creative lady. Love going in and seeing what she has created to share with all of us.

Donna for all this lady is going thru with what is happening around her and her Granddaughter, she still finds time to design some kits and share them with everyone. She is stronger than she knows...


Hummie said...

Awww...I don't think I've received this one yet! How sweet of you! See, I don't even remember being your first to visit! How sweet of you to remember that.

Keep on scrapping! Keep it simple, make it fun!

Elisa said...

Dear Linda, Thank you SOOO Much for the kindness, I truly appreciate the precious thought. Have a wonderful creative weekend, and always happy digi scrapping!