Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sorry I'm late Ladies.....

I got up really early intending to do this blog, but somethings came up that I had to take care of. More about that later.
I know most of you know we took a trip to visit the Grandkids in Illinois(my daughter and her hubby too of course) Oh I was doing the happy grandma dance for sure!!! The things I learned wow! I have learned that even if your 9 year old grandson misses you...electric scooters and PlayStation rank alittle higher. But that's ok cuz we still had lots of fun! A make your own Pizza party, complete with a dessert pizza too, was lots of fun! We did that Saturday night. (I think I am still on the sugar high from that dessert one) I learned that if Keira puts her favorite blanket over your are a ghost...but a nice ghost. And you get a big hug!!! I also learned about caterpillars and whoha's!! Use your imagination ladies I am not going to explain that one in public!!!!
It was great visiting with Carin, Dan and the kids. When they decided to move because of Dan's work, I was not the happiest of people. Knew it was for the best but still, hey that's part of my family moving what seemed like millions of miles away...and nothing against anyone from certain parts of Illinois...but the drive thru nothing put flat fields really did seem like millions of miles!!!
We drove to Milwaukee and then my sister Bonnie drove the rest of the way. Thank you Bonnie!!!
Now we are back, reality central....I have acorn, butternut and crookneck squash to do something with. Oh I was so hoping someone would plow that field under while we were gone!!!
It's been quiet here in the blog neighborhood. Two of our ladies have been visiting and doing some traveling. If you want a peek into that bit of "OMG" check out angelscrappers blog!!(its on the right) I would have loved to be a part of that but I have a feeling Tenn and Ohio would never handle all of us there at one time!! By the way I have a feeling Kenny Rogers will be writing some new songs in honor of his new love...!!
Well I do have some things to take care of, woke up this morning to our oldest dog Halli being sick. She is a chocolate lab, she's 11 and I think she is just getting tired. I have been feeding her bits of boiled rice and keeping a close eye on her. She is Zack's best friend and I keep praying she's ok!
Anyway...make memories ladies! Whatever kind you can, they are all important and they all count!!!
As always "fill it to the brim" don't let the overflow scare you...that's usually the best part!!!
Hugs to you all!!!

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