Saturday, October 25, 2008

Just some thoughts....

First to Bonnie, my sister, no one said "you be in charge, you take care of it" You just do! Sometimes, I know we are guilty of complaining because of that. We say things that maybe make you feel like why bother?! But without you taking matters into your hands, certain things wouldn't get done, at least not the right way. I love you Bonnie! To Susi, another sister, Happy Birthday Sissy. I know its not exactly the day you had thought it would be. But know that I am grateful and thankful for this day, and for you, I love you Sissy!
This has been a day of ups and downs, ins and outs and everything in between. From waiting for phone calls with news you are not sure you want to hear, to sitting in front of a computer screen, just staring into space. When the phone call comes, you breath a sigh of relief at the words you hear...but then you wonder...what about next time.
Does there come a time in our lives as we grow older, that the fear of unknown things and places is so overpowering that it crowds out reason? That the fear takes the place of all we know? Enough so that it can cause us to be physically sick? Someone I love is going thru that and I am helpless to know what to do to make it better. I am only me, I can only offer a long distance hug and the words I love you...hoping that will be enough. And I can pray.

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