Saturday, August 23, 2008

I got such a nice surprise...

You all know Carin, Dan and the kids moved...well...they came back up here last night for a family reunion(Dan's family) So last night late, we picked up Zack to spend the night. WooHoo, happy Grandma dance happening here!!! I swear he has grown 5 inches and looks older. Hey it's been 2 weeks, he has changed. LOL
Anyway, this morning we are going over to see Miss KBB and the rest of the family before taking Zack with us to a Ducks unlimited great outdoor festival in Oshkosh. I have about 20 minutes to get ready so I am making this quick. Takes awhile for us older( scratch that) us more mature ladies to get our face in the bag on. You all know what that is, we all have this other face we keep in a cosmetic bag or a drawer in the bathroom. We put it on when we are going out or expecting company.
So I am off to start my day! Oh it will be a day filled with memories. I truly hope yours is too!
As always "fill it to the brim" every drop is special and needs to be enjoyed and lived to the fullest!
Hugs ladies, see you all later!

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