Saturday, August 16, 2008

Did you know...

that when you decide to raise feeder chickens and they are all roosters, and you have 32 of them, that they all decide crowing at sunrise is a good thing??!! The weather has been nice at night so windows are open. Oh what a great way to wake up. No need for an alarm clock!
Dear Hubby is outside now, feeding and watering them. About another week and yes I will be serving Chicken and dumplings with White gravy. (Vegetarians just ignore that last comment)

With the produce in the fields(our garden) getting ripe, I spent most of last week being Martha Stewarts assistant. For those who don't know, I have my own Martha in the form of my Dear Hubby. His logic is if one zucchini plant is good...4 or 5 is even better. Do you all know how many zucchini you get from one plant??!! According to the Internet there are thousands of ways to prepare this rapidly multiplying vegetable. I have a feeling I will be trying most of them. And don't get me started on the cucumbers, eggplant, peppers or tomatoes..oh and I forgot the beets. My fingers were such a pretty shade of red, so was something else but we won't go into that.

Dear hubby and I are still thinking about a move to Missouri. Still looking at houses on the Internet. It really is a pretty state and such low taxes(a good thing) A while back he had found a place( a trailer with alot of land, NOT my idea of where I want to move, I do not want a home I can hook to the back of my van and haul around with me)
Dear Hubby- " look honey, this is nice, right on a river, small log home, lots of trees. We could fish right from our yard, I could hunt. Perfect!"
Loving wife - " honey, the house is only 750 square feet, that's kind of small for you me and 3 dogs. I don't think that's a good idea "
Dear Hubby - " But it comes with another house on the property, about the same size. Ha ha (he said jokingly) we could each have our own place"
Loving wife - " really...let me see that" ( Missouri is looking better all the time)

It's been a hard week for us here. DD and her family are now settled in their new place in Illinois. We miss them oh so much. But from the conversations I have had with Carin and Zack, things are going good. Lots of changes in their lives, but so far all for the good! Love you guys, biggest hugs!

Well, Martha(Hubby) has come in with 6 eggplant, looks like it's time to start my day. You all do the same. My day with be filled with memories of olive oil, breadcrumbs and time spent by the stove breading slices of various vegies. What ever memories yours are filled with, make them count and then tuck them somewhere for safekeeping.

As always ladies..."fill it to the brim" Your soul will thank you!
Hugs to all!

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