Sunday, July 20, 2008

Not sure what day it is, but we'll pretend it's Saturday!!

Of course if it was Saturday, I wouldn't be in here!! We had some storms go thru our area the other night and it did some minor damage to the tower I get my internet from. So no service for a couple days. Felt so sorry for the young man who had to be on the phone calling people to explain that to them. I gave Kirk from Granitewave alittle extra incentive...told him if it wasn't up by Sunday I would hunt them all down and do alittle damage to them! (I was kidding) but it made him laugh and he thanked me for being understanding.
Saturday was also busy for us was Miss KBB's 2nd birthday. Oh yes, she is now officially 2. She has been acting 2 for awhile now LOL!! We had 21 family and friends here to help her celebrate. Have to explain something...on the birthday cake it didn't say just happy birthday Keira, it said Happy Birthday Everyone! We had a combined party for all the birthdays (kids anyway), we have alot of birthdays in July in my family!!! It was a sort of going away party also, but will explain that at another time.
I think my sister Bonnie has been sneaking in and reading Miss Judy's blog....she bought Water Balloons with her!!! Oh yup, after we ate and after the presents....oh we had the best time. I was paired up with Bonnie at first, I stayed dry, she got wet. lol Then I was with my nephew Egan, that little bub is good at this game! Yes I have pictures and will post them. Let's just say we got even with Bonnie for bringing the balloons!
Have to say a quick "thank you" to Shirley, my bestest buddy, I was so surprised when I saw you had come. Shirley lives over an hour from us and with gas prices and such, I didn't know if she would make it! You did and my friend you made my day!!!!!!
For anyone wondering about our 35 little chickywicks...well they are now officially turning into big flippin chickens! They are all roosters and they are rambunctious things! I gave up feeding them, they are to much for me. Dennis who is beginning to share my thoughts on these critters has started calling them by a few other names( use your imagination)
Our fields are growing, in fact we had the first zucchini from it the other night! Dear hubby goes up and "toils in the fields" everyday. From the way he acts you'd think we had 100 acres! Ladies it's a small garden ! But if it makes Dear hubby feel good to talk about "the fields" then I won't say a word!!
Well, I have rambled on about nonsense long enough, I have a house to straighten up and odds and ends to take care of, so I best go start my day. You all do the same! I think I will be to tired today to go out and make memories, I think I will just savor the ones from yesterday! They are already tied with a ribbon and tucked oh so gently in my heart!
As always tho, go out and "Fill it to the brim" don't just watch the overflow, join in and enjoy it! It's the only way to really get the true flavor of it all!!!
Take care ladies, love and hugs to you all!!

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