Saturday, June 7, 2008

The week that was...

interesting to say the least! Well to me anyway...had a scare at the beginning of the week, you all know about that, but it turned out good (heck it turned out great) and I found out that I was right..the power of prayer and the support of friends really is a very awesome thing. I have said Thank you before, but those two words are big and need to be said often and from the heart. Ok enough heavy duty stuff. I am back to dancin to the music and from comments left here I am not the only one who might be movin to the music!! LOL
I celebrated a birthday this week, OMG this is the last year I can put a 5 in front of any number associated with my age. The number 6 is only 364 days away. I have a dear sister (Susi) who called and said, wait your 70 right?? She does that every year (one of these days she will be right!!) Age, what a silly thing...I am 59, and proud of that. It's a matter of attitude anyway. How is one supposed to act at certain ages of life. Is there a set of rules that say ok you are 18 act like this, or 35 or 40 or 59? If there is I never received my copy!! So I have been winging it all this time (hope I got some of it right) I was watching a TV ad the other night, awesome young guy shaving, let me tell you I felt 25 while watching, then I got up walked past a mirror and knew that that young man could call me Grandma!! I had another piece of chocolate and decided to forget about it!!
Looks like summer has finally arrived here in the north. Going to be 87 here today. Are we a strange breed or what? We spend the winter months complaining about how cold we are and turn up the heat and stay indoors because it's too cold outside...then the hot summer days get here and we turn up the air conditioning and stay indoors because it's to hot outside.!!!! Come on Autumn!!!
Well, it's getting late and I have a birthday picnic to get ready for, me and Sam the Man are going to be sharing some chocolate cake later today.
I am going to fill this day with memories, you all do the same. As always "Fill it to the Brim" whatever spills over, well, enjoy it, savor it and then put it somewhere safe because someday, someone will look at it, remember and smile.
Hugs and love to you all...Always

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