Saturday, June 28, 2008

This week went by so fast....

They are doing that alot lately! Between babysitting for Grandkids and taking care of baby chicks, doing pages and cleaning(notice how that's last on the list) it has been a busy week! Oh forgot we also built an ark! LOL
Dear hubby spent yesterday trying to figure out why the lights on his boat trailer weren't working. He had listed it for sale on Craigslist and someone called and wants to come see it(oh keep your fingers toes and every available bendable body part crossed that this guy buys it.)
Do any of you believe in reincarnation?? Apparently my hubby does...and he thinks I was a handy man in a past life! That I have a degree in carpentry, plumbing, farming, landscaping and electrical boat wiring.
He plugged the boat trailer into the plug on the back of the van(Ladies, remember that plug) and nothing he (meaning we) started taking all the wiring apart and had to run connectivity checks on it. What the heck does that mean...If I was a handyman in a past life, I have forgotten everything.
Dear hubby-" hold this end to the wire coming from rear light" (sounds simple right)
Loving wife- " I'm trying, but it keeps slipping off"
Dear hubby- " Well, you should know you have to clip it on the opening on the end"
wife- " there are a few other places I would like to clip it on"
We did check every wire, every place that could possibly be a problem. Everything seemed to be fine. As I was walking to the house, I turned and said could it be the plug?
Lights are now working on the trailer!! Gee maybe I was a handyman!!!

The Chickywhickys are doing fine, can't believe how much they have grown. A few of them apparently have no fear of a frying pan because they have already copped an attitude with me. Pecking at my hand when I am feeding them does not promote a long life!!!

Well Ladies, for now the sun is shining and a beautiful breeze is coming in the windows(storms coming later) so I am off to start my day.
I said time seems to be going by fast, so take the days and the time you have and as always fill it to the brim! Try and make every drop count for something, good bad or otherwise, it's all we have. Make it the best you can. When the day is over, sit back and enjoy the memories that came with it...they are special and will never come keep them somewhere special and safe!
Hugs ladies

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