Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday greetings from the farm...

every year about this time my dear hubby turns into Farmer Brown. He gets the garden ready, buys the plants, puts them all in the garden in just the right spot(he is a perfectionist). He is a happy camper, and the garden will produce some awesome stuff in a few weeks! He was on the phone this morning with the local feed mill...ordering 32 baby chickens!!! Not 30, not 35...but 32! I asked why the odd number? Dear hubby informed me that was in case we lost a couple, we would still have 30...huh?? Now the baby chicks are about the cutest things, all soft and yellow little they grow they will turn into 32 Rambo chickens whose main goal in life is to get Mrs Farmer Brown (that be me) when she goes to feed them. Do they not realise I am their friend, I bring good stuff for them? No...these flippin chickens seem intent on pecking at my ankles until I just dump the food anywhere and leave. I had a run in with a parakeet when I was little (has to do with feeding it shaving cream, hey I was only 4) anyway, maybe the story has been passed all thru birdland and they are trying to get even!! When the chicks are little I look at them and see soft cuddly little they get bigger I see fried crunchy bits with gravy!!!
(Vegetarians I apologise for the image I have just given you)
Well, Dear hubby is back from working the soil (LOL hehehe) and my day is going to start. I have so much to do today, laundry, cleaning, sewing chicken pecking proof heavy duty leather around the bottoms of some jeans.. in the middle of all that I am going to be filling the day with memories, the kind that will bring smiles to my heart, you all do the same. As always "Fill it to the Brim" check each drop that overflows, find the good ones and cherish them!
Love and hugs Ladies always

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