Friday, May 9, 2008

One time....

Along with Zack and Keira last weekend, my Mom, nephew Richard and my sister Bonnie came for a visit. My Mom bought up a box of old photos she had. Some are in really bad shape (which is so sad) but this one for some reason stayed pretty good. When my Mom showed me this photo, she also told me alittle more about her life growing up. My Grandma (her Mom) was not such a nice person. There was alot of verbal and physical abuse going on. My Mom told me that she never had a birthday cake, can you imagine, not even a cupcake with a candle. No pretty baby dolls wrapped in fancy paper. This photo, my Mom said, was the only picture of my Grandmother with her arms around her. I can't imagine not having my Mom give me a hug while I was growing up, not having the words I love you said to me. The cycle of abuse could have continued with my Mom and her children, but it didn't. My Mom took everything she learned from her Mom and tossed it out..she promised herself she would never do to her children what had been done to her...and she didn't! I made this page for my Mom, made it as pretty as I could...I wanted my Mom to have one good memory of Grandma T. I love you Mom, and I am so proud to be your daughter.
Credits- "vintage festival" by Mistica

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angelscrapper said...

OMG Linda I am sitting here and bawling my eyes out. How sad for your mom, but some where she must have seen someone love their children, she did an awesome job with her own family. Make sure you give her extra loving while she is still around. Beautiful lo and what a treasure of a pic even though the love wasn't there