Saturday, May 17, 2008

Morning all....

I know I usually tell you all a story about Dear hubby..well today it's my turn again. Yup, sometimes even I have been known to do a little bit of a dumb thing (not often, but sometimes)

We got highspeed SATELLITE internet service about a year ago, great ISP, fast wow! Well, we decided to get a type of phone service that used the internet. (starts with a V) During the last year, I have been on the phone to that phone service customer service center more times than I have fingers to count! Same story every time..Reboot, unplug this replug the mean time, internet is slow, phone works only when it wants. On Thursday, no phone service at all! I called V and was told by a very nice gentleman that "Oh, V doesn't work well with SATELLITE systems.....People a year ago they knew that's what I had and they didn't say a word. I have been paying every month for something that was never going to work right no matter how many times I rebooted...enough, or I will get really upset all over again. Needless to say I cancelled V on the spot. Okay, Linda, now what, you have a pay as you go cellphone that you have for emergencies with only limited minutes. Call our regular phone company. No problem, they can hook us back up before 5pm. Heavy sigh of relief, don't have to buy extra minutes for cell phone, family can call anytime, life is good again......That's when I did the dumb thing. ...When we moved here, we had an EXTRA phone line, with a different number, put in for the computer(had dial-up then) it went from the terminal, around the outside of the house, back to the wall by the office. It had started to come down, and we weren't using it anyway, so Hubby cut it off. Oh no I thought, they cant turn service on, we cut the line. I called them back, told them the line had been cut. No problem, a tech will come out and set it up...ON WEDNESDAY!!!! Added more minutes to pay as you go. Will have to wait till Wednesday for phone....conversation with hubby went like this...
Loving wife-" because YOU cut the line, we can't get hooked up till Wednesday"
Dear hubby-"Honey, I only cut the line to the office, you know the EXTRA line, not any of the main phone lines!"
Loving wife-"You mean the phone could be turned on today, %^@# it is now 5:03, phone company closed"
Dear hubby-" oh dear don't feel bad, we all make mistakes once in awhile( I think I detected a smirk on his face)
Long confusing post I know, but that be kind of descibing my life...long and confusing LOL!!
The rest of the week was great, babysat for Grandkids again alot, loved every minute of it!
Ok, dear hubby and puppies are up and active so I best start this day. First thing to do, is add more minutes to cellphone! I plan to make it a good one, you do the same. As always...Fill it to the brim...drink in all the goodness...and tuck the memories in a special place. Love you all!
To my traveling friend Miss Carol...Hope you're having a great time! How can you not when you're spending it with two great ladies Miss Gerri and Miss Judy. Hugs to all three of you!

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