Saturday, May 10, 2008

And it starts with a ceiling fan...

You all know I am not a big fan of the bugs and things that come along with summer..but I am also not a fan of the hot humid weather that comes with it either. Well, about a year ago, conversation at Menard's went something like this..
Dear hubby " Why don't we get a fan for the bedroom, I know how the heat bothers you at night, this would help you"
Loving wife " oh, honey, that's a great idea, thank you"
fast forward to end of last summer...
Loving wife( not so loving, having endured hot summer) "Didn't we buy a ceiling fan a few months ago? (Knowing full well we did and the box is sitting in the closet in bedroom)
Dear Hubby " I think so, gee, It should be around here someplace"
Loving wife, after conversation, moves box to laundry room so hubby sees it everyday.
Ceiling fan box gathers dust!
Jump to yesterday...
Dear hubby- (sitting in recliner watching fishing show on TV) " I feel so bored, nothing to do"
Loving wife -( who has walked past box in laundry room everyday and kicked it) " well dear, remember that fan we bought, maybe you could work on that before the weather gets really hot"
I will skip the conversation that followed, you really don't need to hear some of the words that were said...nope...I would like you all to keep thinking I am such a nice person!
Jump to an hour after said conversation...
Dear hubby- (in a not so dear voice) " Ok, the fan is up, happy?"
Loving wife- ( in same not so dear voice)"YUP!!"
So now I have a fan in the bedroom, looks great, so whats the I want to redo the bedroom. Yup, rearrange things, put up new curtains, bedspread. The whole works. Thing is the furniture in there is heavy, it took a year to get the fan up, what are the odds on Hubby helping me move furniture around.....!!!
Well ladies, I hear movement in the other room...Hubby and puppies are up and active, so I best go start my day. I have another pot of coffee to make and bedroom furniture to move around.
I plan on making it a day full of memories, good ones I hope. You do the same!
As always, fill it to the brim, enjoy the aroma, and tuck the memories safe in your heart.
Hugs and love always!

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