Monday, May 5, 2008

Almost back to normal....

The house not me!! We picked up Zack and Keira Thursday evening and I don't think my butt felt a couch cushion for the next 3 1/2 days!! Zack used my computer to play some games so I was in the office helping with that, or I was out following Miss Beira on her many(and I do mean many) adventures. It was a weekend of lessons....I learned quite a few. I now know that a music box can be wound at least 100 play the same song! I know that crayons are more fun tossed up in the air than used to color pages in a book, that doggies water dishes are so much fun to tip unto the kitchen floor and then stand there saying "Oh No" in the sweetest little voice. I learned that a 9 year old left alone for too long on the computer will do things to that computer that will take awhile to make right again, but it will be ok. I learned that we have way to many steps outside( we have three set, front, side and deck) and that they are fun to go up and down. When out to eat, I learned that red jello and mashed potatoes do go good together in the same bowl. I learned the correct way to say applesauce is "apasauce" I learned that children come with one speed...faster than Grandma!
I learned other things too...I learned that hugs from a child that you love with all your heart is priceless, and that watching a brother show his sister the "pretty yellow flowers" is a moment that even Kodak can't capture. I learned, that watching Zack read a story to Keira before bed, is something that makes my heart smile. I learned that my house stayed messy from Thursday till Sunday night, but that when I straightened it up after my visitors had seemed like something was missing, something really important...a piece of my heart.
It was a good was a weekend full of memories...a cup truly filled to the brim..and the Joy that was in the overflow was awesome!!!
Take care my friends, love and hugs to you all!!

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