Saturday, April 5, 2008

Thought I could finally have a "normal" week....

Oh, silly me, what could I have been thinking!!! I have no such thing as a "normal" could I possibly think I could have a normal day let alone a normal week! The photo above was taken at 1:00 AM!!!! We have a wonderful(meaning Cheap) phone service,Vonage. It goes thru your wireless Internet. When both the internet and the phone are working the way they is good..BUT when one or the other decides to pull a " I am better than you, therefore I need more power than you" kind of attitude, normal life comes to an abrupt halt! My computer had been acting funny all day, very slow, my phone had been doing the same. Well when my sister Bonnie called at 10 PM , phone service stopped, Internet service was touchy to say the least. The photo above is my Vonage tower pulled out..not quite close enough to the window to throw out! I worked on the computer and Vonage until about 1:30 and then said in such a sweet voice" Forget this noise" and turned everything off and went to bed. Fast forward to this morning....Internet is running...Vonage is kind of working....even my coffeepot decided to give me a decent cup of coffee!! LOL AAHH knock on is good!! I say that with a Prayer the size of Texas!! LOL

I just got done talking to Carin, she might be bring Zack and Keira over for me to watch while she goes grocery shopping. That would really make this a good day!!!!

So Ladies I am off to get out of my pajamas and start my day..I plan on making it a good day(did you hear that phone..did you hear that computer?)

As always enjoy the day..fill it to the brim and see what wonderful things happen! Look for smiles and laughter in every drop, savour them and tuck them lovingly away in your heart!

Hugs and love my friends!

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