Saturday, April 26, 2008

Morning Ladies...

It is morning right??!! Didn't sleep all that well. We had some heavy duty storms go thru our area last night, winds that sounded like a tornado right over head. Hard to sleep when you have thoughts of the ceiling above you taking flight. So woke up tired and then found out from an email the real reason I am tired...according to this email I am 1,858,407,816 seconds old! OMG no wonder I feel like I do! I also found out I can boil 6.74 oz of water with the candles on my next birthday cake. Well now, that's good, I can make myself a cup of tea to have with the cake!
Talking about the weather...I have this Love/Hate thing going on with this time of year. I love the warmer temperatures, the longer days, opening up windows and letting the breezes blow in. Makes everything feel so fresh and good. I love the whole rebirth of nature thing that happens.........well almost the whole rebirth.....I have this thing about certain elements of nature being reborn...I don't do wasps, bees and wood ticks!!! Oh they could all stay sleeping, no need to wake those little suckers up! My dear hubby is one who says " stand still, the bee won't hurt you"!!! This from a man who stood still and the bee got him in the nose! Not the greatest example Dear Hubby of mine! Our mailbox is at the end of a 500+ foot you have any idea how many bees and wasp are along that space....way to many!!! Then there are the wood ticks. They are so little, I mean tiny...but they creep me out to the max!!! We have 3 dogs, they run and play in the grass, the woods, they get wood ticks on them(we do put stuff on them to help get rid of those nasty things) These 3 dogs sleep on our bed from November till the first wood tick is sighted anywhere in the state of Wisconsin. From that day forward the bedroom door is closed and no dogs allowed! I love working in the garden, putting in new flowers and such, and I do that......I do it with my body soaked in bug repellent(oh smells so good) and then when I come in, I strip(not a pretty site) and check all over for ticks!! Dear hubby knows how I feel about ticks and he is so supportive, conversation in car went something like this....
Dear Hubby " oh by the way when I took the dogs over to the lake for a bath, on the way home I found two ticks on Halli"
Loving wife(who remembers said dog sits in same seat she is now sitting on) "Did you check her real good, did you get them all"( this being said while trying to figure out how to jump from a moving vehicle)
Loving ? Wife glances over at Dear Hubby noticing BIG GRIN on his face....he was kidding. Oh yes he is very supportive!
Well, it's time for me to start my day. Time for you all to do the same. I will be filling it with Moments to Remember, always tucked somewhere for safe keeping. As always fill it to the brim, and then sit back and enjoy the view, it's AWESOME !!!!
Hugs Dear Ladies!!!!

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