Saturday, April 19, 2008

It can't be Saturday already??!! ...........

Is it my imagination or is time going by at warp speed? I know that just last week I was 18!!! Well, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration...but... it seems the days really do go faster as you get older. I woke up this morning and wondered what happened to the days between last Sunday and now. It's not just whole weeks that seem to be rushing by...I was talking to my daughter the other day and she was saying she had to start supper for the kids...I thought wow they are eating early, it's only 3:00....wrong it was 5:30. Ok who took those hours? Remember when you were a kid and it seemed to take forever till it was your birthday or Christmas? Like the days seemed to stretch on for so long!! At what age does life kick in to turbo mode?? There are still things I want to do in my life, I need it to slow down so I can do them!!! Speaking of that....
Dear Hubby and I have been contemplating a move to Missouri, we have both been looking at homes for sale down there. Dear Hubby called me into the office the other night to show me a place he had found that he thought was great....conversation went like this....
Dear hubby-" think I found something perfect"
Loving wife(me, sitting down to view said PERFECT place)-" great"
Dear hubby- " yup it has everything we(found out he meant he) would want"
Loving wife " beautiful land Dear, but where is the house?"
Dear?hubby- " oh, there's a trailer we could live in while we built a house, but there are 40 acres of great hunting and fishing land"
Wife- " By trailer do you mean that CAMPER sized thing over by the trees?"
Ladies, I am almost 59, Dear hubby is going to be 66...we have 3 dogs and enough furniture and odds and ends to fill a 10 room house... where would all that go..we have built or remodeled 2 homes already,Dear hubby had answer.."storage unit" My perfect home is already standing, has 3 bedrooms, family room, nice sized rooms, a basement, it does not include wheels! So the search continues for a place in Missouri.
Did you ever get a craving, one that would not leave you alone?? I had one last night, NO not that!! I wanted Chocolate! It was to late to run to the store, I had to settle for one not so fresh chocolate cookie. This morning when I got up the first thing I thought of was baking in the oven is a pan of brownies. Yup at 6:15 this morning I was baking...Not from all know I can't do that (I have this thing about anything that involves flour eggs sugar and an oven) no these are from a box, they smell good (of course so did my hockey puck cookies till we tried to eat them) !! Well ladies, the timer has gone off on the brownies, I am going to pour myself a fresh cup of coffee, grab a brownie and start my day. You all do the same...Go out grab some memories....before the day and time slip away, they won't be back you know! As always Fill It To The Brim....and watch as every drop fills your life with the most precious moments!
Hugs to you all, always!

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