Sunday, March 16, 2008

A look into my world...

This is the "office" you remember where the "now lost forever and never to be found" charger lives! I was sitting at the computer this afternoon, thinking of what to write my ponderings about and as I was looking around for hit me...this room is my inspiration. My life or anyway a good part of it is in here. Family photos that make me smile or bring an ache to my heart are on the shelves. A silly photo of my Mom ( yes, if you zoom in on it that is a pretend arrow and those are her teeth sitting on the table! That's not her real nose either, just in case you were wondering) , memories of times with my best friend Shirley, my music cds fill a few of the cubby holes. I love Christmas, so there are mini colored lights on top of my desk. The word JOY is not just something that is important to me at Christmas, it is a really big part of my life. I have so many things around the house with that word on it. JOY is important to me, something I try to find and hold on to. That's not always the easiest thing to do, bad things happen, but that big JOY above my desk, reminds me that it still exists!
My computer is my link to friends I have "met" on line. My extended family. They might not come for dinner on a Sunday, but they are always in my heart. They make me smile, laugh and they are another source of JOY.
The desk holds my computer and my printer, since starting digiscrapping, they are where I can take an ordinary moment and turn it into a memory to be shared years from now with my Grand children's children.
I wanted to share this room with you, share a very big part of my life...a part that you have all helped fill. So to my family and my friends ....Thank you!
I know it's late and the day is almost over..but..take what is left and really make it count...find the JOY that's really is.
As always..fill it to the brim..savor the aroma..sit back and enJOY!!
hugs to all~~~~

credits-"souvenirs" kit by Kalanice's designs

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