Saturday, March 29, 2008

Good Morning Ladies....

I say that with caution! Did you ever have one of those days...the kind that seem to last just alittle longer than 24 hours??!! Let me tell you they are oh so much fun!
My sister Bonnie, her hubby Rich and my nephew Richard coming up today. It was supposed to be my Mom and my sister Susi to but they are both really sick. Well, you know when you're having company (even family) you want to clean house and spiff things up right? Ok so I was cleaning in the dining room, while talking on the phone to my daughter, humming BeeGee tunes, when all of a sudden the stool by the kitchen counter jumped out and IT stubbed my toe. No biggy except my little toe this morning looks a purple grape! (I did try to take a pic of it, Ladies you do not want to see my feet!!) So little toe is now taped and getting cozy with the toe next to it.
Last night Dennis and I went to get some groceries for the weekend. Nice trip into Shawano, got home early so he could finish collecting more sap for syrup. While he was doing that, I went about putting things away....I had bought crescent rolls(I am making those great chicken things) well BEWARE....crescent roll containers are touchy little things. I know that when you stick a spoon or whatever in them to get them open they POP. Well what I didn't know was that when you set them on the shelf in the fridge....the end can POP off. Not just fall off but fly like a missile across the kitchen floor! Dough and all!!!!! Yup, it missed me by about an inch, landed in the middle of the kitchen floor. Not a quiet thing either! Let me tell you it scared the &*^%^ out of me!!! Never knew refrigerator crescent rolls were actually guided missiles in disguise!!!
So now I am up getting last minute things done. Hubby is sleeping, his toes are fine, he was not attacked by the crescent roll missile. He can sleep peacefully. Me I dreamed of flying dough and grape toes!
It will all work out, can't wait till Bonnie gets here(she's a nurse, her hubby a doctor, maybe they can retape my toe) I am going to have a good day, filled with smiles!
Now you all go out and find something to make you smile, grab a memory from where ever it comes, hold it tight in your heart, it may not come again.
As always Ladies fill it to the brim, and enjoy the moments! Hugs to you all!

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