Saturday, February 2, 2008

A little of this and a little of that......

Sorry my ramblings are later today, I was busy earlier watching the "ONE" inch of snow that the weatherman had said we were going to get, You would think it wouldn't take that long to watch "ONE" inch fall right?? Well, it does if it starts at 7:30 am and doesn't stop all day!!! I want to be a weatherman, the hours arn't bad, the pay must be great and as long as one WORD in your forecast is true (in last nights forecast it was the word SNOW) then you are never wrong!!! We have about 3 inches of new snow. But, it has warmed up, 27*F today. Yippy,... Wer'e havin a heat wave, a tropical heat wave, the temperatures rising, it isn't surprising..... (now don't let that song get stuck in your head ok) LOL
My family (Mom, Bonnie, her hubby Rich, and my nephew Richard) are up for the weekend. They are staying in a hotel in Green Bay. They wanted to stay in a place with a pool for swimming and I guess they figured it would take to long to chip thru the ice on our pond. It's my brother David's birthday Sunday, so we are all getting together for Brunch somewhere. I will have photos I am sure! My Dear sister Bonnie wants to move up here to the blissful, quiet north. I love my sister and would be so happy to see them all move up here. But...I have a feeling she might be idealizing the wonderful north.. Examples...
1. (Bonnies idea) so nice to be snowed in, sitting by a roaring fire, drinking hot cocoa watching the snowfall.
(Reality) stuck in the house, out of cocoa, coffee and all liquids, can't get out of the*&*^$%$ driveway to get to the store. Snow is heavy, to much weight on electric lines, they go down, no power, TV off, furnace won't work, trying to keep fire going in &^$%&^ fireplace to stay warm.

Only half kidding, I do love it up here and wouldn't want to be any where else, except maybe Kentucky. LOL Still using the subpliminal tapes on Dear hubby, not working, now he wants to move to Missouri. LOL

Well, Ladies, I am tired tonight. Not a whole lot to talk about, besides I think Dear Hubby has been reading this blog and decided to "act normal" so I don't write about him. Too Late Dear!! They know!!
Not much of the day left, but enjoy it all, savor each second, for each one of them is a miracle, a memory waiting to happen...As always..fill it to the brim and then add just alittle bit more!!
Hugs to you all!

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Nite, Linda. Your "other" family member...Susi.