Saturday, January 12, 2008

Yes, it's Saturday and yes, thats really me...

When I found this kit, I knew I would use it for something, I wasn't sure what. Well today Dennis and I were outside with the dogs, I had my camera because I was taking pictures of them playing in the snow.(They do some of the dumbest things) well, speaking of dumb....the above photo is yours truly! Dear Hubby got this shot of me! You all remember snow angels and how much you loved making them right? Well this 58 year old still loves making them. LOL
I decided a long time ago that age was a number, not an attitude. It didn't have to describe who I was. I am (in spite of what that photo shows) a responsible adult. I do all the things that an "adult" should do...but inside yes there is a little girl who loves to smile, laugh and have fun. That little girl is the one who allows me to crawl on the floor with my grandkids, make silly faces with them, giggle and play hide and seek. I don't ever want to lose that little girl. She really is alot of fun.!! She is the one who remembers sitting on the front steps in the summer eating a banana Popsicle, or running thru the sprinkler on a hot day. How about sledding sitting in a cardboard box(when you can't afford a real sled, that works) To often, we get caught up in all the demands made on us that we forget to take time to remember how to find a few moments of Joy. That little one inside will remind you. So yes, do all the adult, responsible things you have to do in your lives, take care of worries and problems, but when you can, take time to invite that little one out for a playdate. You won't be sorry. If people laugh at you, well so be it. You won't hear them, you will be to busy laughing at yourself.
As always, fill this day to the brim, overflowing even. Make a memory and then pass it on to the next in line. Hugs to you all, now excuse me, I am going to go enjoy a Popsicle!

credits- "innerchild" kit by Rachel Boball Designs(grumblescrapsfreebies) thanks Chris for reminding me I had this one


Rachel said...

I love this LO, it embodies everything I was going for when I made the kit. Thank you for sharing it with me!

ScrappyMamaw (aka Jude) said...

Wonderful layout, Linda and I always enjoy your journaling so much. You would have made a fantastic writer!! I love you my friend.