Saturday, November 3, 2007

Things I'm pondering on a Saturday morning

Ponder #1
I was searching thru some freebies this morning and one of the sites had a beautiful quickpage that had to do with Love and all, the wordart around the frame was "Don't sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me" OK now that song is in my brain and won't let go! I have even found myself tapping on the side of my coffee cup to that rhythm. I go walking into the kitchen from the office and I am singing it out loud! EEKK! Don't ya hate that when a song grabs your brain and takes it hostage, playing the same song over and over and over!!???

Ponder #2

Why is it that a husband(single girls take notes) will look thru the refrigerator for something to eat, then turn and say there is nothing in here to eat...then complain 30 minutes later that the refrigerator is so full, when are you(the wife) going to clean this thing out!!!

Ponder #3

Speaking of husbands(single girls keep taking notes please) if yours goes out of state to do any hunting or prepared when he gets back to be told " We need a change, we should think about moving to______________(fill in blank with state of most recent trip). Mine went to Kansas two years ago, spent a month looking at homes for sale in Kansas. Last year he went to Nebraska, spent same amount of time looking at same web site different state! He has been back from his little trip to North Dakota and has decided that we are in a rut and ...yup we should think about moving to North Dakota!! People...I am not Laura Ingalls, I have seen that state(no offense to anyone who lives there) it is flat!!!! Prairies, corn fields,waterholes. They build special plots of trees to use for windbreaks. Does not sound or look like where I want to live. I do have a plan tho, I would love to live in Northern Kentucky so....guess where I am going to tell him to try hunting next???!!!

Oh by the way, has that song made it's way to Your brain yet??!! If so, your welcome!!


Gerrisscrapblog said...

You sure were pondering a lot today.
The only thing we ladies have to remember is: When God created men he proved that he sense of humour.

Well, moving to Kentucky is getting closer to all of us except
Carol, and I'm working on her.

Gerrisscrapblog said...

I think I left out a few words
It should read "When God created men, he proved that he had a sense of humour".